Cultivated Vines

“The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.”  Thomas Jefferson 

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike’ growing at Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole, New Hampshire.
Clematis 'Warsaw Nike'

If a plant below is highlighted in Green, touch or click on it to see a photo of the plant, its fruit or its flower in the garden. The long range goal is to photograph every plant at Distant Hill Gardens.

Cultivated Vines of Distant Hill Gardens

Scientific Name

Common Name

Clematis 'Jackmanii' 

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike'  

Dioscorea batatas

Hydrangea petiolaris

Lonicera x brownie ‘Dropmore Scarlet’  

Jackmaii Clematis

Warsaw Nike Clematis

Cinnamon Vine

Climbing Hydrangea

Dropmore Honeysuckle